Biographical Coaching

is a powerful tool for self-development

It is particularly meaningful and effective

  • when one is faced with life crises and existential questions
  • when one experiences ones own life situation as unsatisfactory

In Biographical Coaching a concrete life theme is being focused on and worked with together with ones client within a mutually agreed timeframe.

The client is being guided in his/her self reflection by viewing his/her present life situation towards the backdrop of his/her life story.

The client is helped to recognise patterns and dynamics within him/herself and in relationship with other people by gaining distance to the forces that are confusing and paralysing in crises.

Being accompanied through a process of self-confrontation helps

  • to put the present life situation in a wider context and find meaning
  • to get a better grasp of ones selfimage and review ones values, patterns,
  • life strategies and coping mechanisms.
  • to increase ones own capacity of decision making and actively coping with¬†difficult and stressful life situations.
  • to increase social competence and contribute to ones capacity to regenerate.

Biographical Coaching is activating ones creative ressources and potential. It helps to develop new future perspectives and to practice concrete alternatives of coping.