Courses and Workshops

2018 in UK

28th - 30th September 2018



Weekend seminar

„I—Victim and Creator of my Biography“

The aim of this seminar is to familiarise ourselves with the forces of our soul and grasp paradoxes and contradictions when dealing with our life themes. 

Getting to know the dynamics that work in our soul strenghtens our I and activates our creative potential to face the challenges that life puts on our path.
Participants will get a chance to practice Biographical Counselling with their own biographical material in small groups. Theoretical contributions with special emphasis on professional questions and movement improvisation will accompany this process.
Application best before 28th August 2018

Organized by: PABC (Professional Association for Biographical Counselling)

For whom: This seminar is for all who are working professionally with Biography Work and for those interested in their own self development.

Venue: Emerson College, Forest Row, East Sussex, U.K.

Language: English

Further information and to apply:


2018/19 in France

13. - 15. April 2018
12. - 14. October 2018
18. - 20. May 2019




I will be teaching 3 training seminars in Biographical Conversation in Lyon
with the theme:

„Les qualités planétaires: un outil pour l‘entretien biographique“

Please click here for the full brochure text in french

Organized by:  L.Art du Je

For whom: these weekend seminars are open to all working professionally with Biography Work and to students of Biography Trainings.

Costs: 220 EUR/Weekend

Venue:  Lyon, France

Language: French

Further information:
Toinon Folque-Graeff
Telefon: (+33) 0664111800


2018 in Spain

01. - 04. November 2018













2019 in Chile

26. January







29. January - 2. February
5 full days



As part of my collaboration in the Spanish Training in Biogaphical Coaching
Fomación en Biografia - I will teach a seminar:

„El proceso com el Coaching Biografico“

Organized by: Formacion en Biografia, Espagna

For whom: this seminar is open for everybody who is working professionally with Biographical Coaching

Venue: El Abedul, Camorittos, Cercedilla, Madrid, Spain

Language: German with Spanish translation

Further information:
Paula Sánchez de Muniain
Telefon (+34) 0664 72 80 03




„Yo como víctima y creador en mi biografia”
“I: victim and creator in my biography“

Half day open workshop for all who are interested in self development

Venue: Colegio Waldorf San Francisco de Limache

Language: English with translation into Spanish

Further information and application:
Cristina Pfeifer:


Las cualidades planetarias como habilidades de diálogopara el trabajo con la biografía”

For whom: Participants of the first module of the Primera Formación en Desenvolvimiento Biográfico in Chile

Venue: Colegio Waldorf San Francisco de Limache

Language: English with translation into Spanish

Further information and application:
Cristina Pfeifer: