Biography Work – a Contribution Towards Individual Development and Social Renewal

Biography Work has been inspired by the picture of the human being as described by Rudolf Steiner and its practical application as a ‘moral technique’ by Bernard Lievegoed.

We live in a time where old social networks are increasingly falling apart and many of us experience  loss of meaning, loss of vital relationships, loss of will and loss of love for life. Biography Work addresses our quest for meaning and helps to bring us in touch with our existental life questions in a way that  takes the psychological, social and spiritual dimension equally into account.

Biography Work  aims to work towards social renewal by focussing people on  questions and tasks their own biography presents them with. Assuming that when this is achieved, life itself gets a new dimension and simultaneously a contribution is made to the development of humanity as a whole.

When facing crises and existential questions  healing and development are closely interlinked.

Biographical Coaching works at the threshold of healing and development. It strengthens the human I and helps to read the language of our own life story  - by recognizing general laws in human biography and by  activating one’s own creative potential to work with them.

Biography Work  views past,  present  and  future out of an understanding that past and future reach way beyond this one particular life.

To gain a deeper understanding of who we are we need to practice to become a witness of our own experiences. Additionally  with a research attitude take a deep interest into the unfolding of our life and the questions it confronts us with. Insights thus gained can free up forces which can be used to find creative steps towards coping with crises out of a much wider perspective.

Ultimately biography work wants to approach our biography in such a way that we can inspire  others.